I got my baby back!

by pvakil91

So if you’ve wondered where on earth I am and why there haven’t really been any blog posts it’s because I didn’t have my laptop. It suffered some glitch in the harddrive, so I had to send it to get repaired and now it’s back in my arms and all the blog posts that I have scribbled in my journal and iPhone notes and scrap pieces of paper are finally going to be typed up and published.

I was able to write two posts through my iPhone but seeing as how I write a lot, it wasn’t a feasible idea. Plus, I liked going back to good ol’ pen and paper. It helped re-stimulate the happy pathways in my brain that made me fall in love with writing in the first place. So just as a preview of how much backlog I have on posts, here’s a screenshot of my blog-agenda:

blog agenda


Yeah I had to zoom out so you could see all the things that have been mulling in my head – and this is just the shorter version from what’s in all the scattered papers.

I’m also going to be super busy in the coming weeks because I’m going to be having visitors! yay! So this is going to be fun and challenging because my goal is to publish 3 times a week.

So major props to people who blog professionally because this takes painstaking effort and with all the details and meticulousness to get to the final draft of a post is nothing short of, in my opinion, writing a well crafted thesis.


There she is – and I know it’s blurry but it was because I was too excited/happy/overwhelmed. Yay no more squinting!

PS: I also just realised how much emotion I have invested in a physical object and technology and that kind of scares me. The good thing about the past month and a half was, I could live perfectly well without my laptop. Oo…there’s another idea for a post.

Have you ever been stranded without your electronics? How would you fare?