26 Rules To Live By That’ll Help Ease Your Overthinking Problem

by pvakil91

Just deepening those neural pathways, in more creative ways.

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Here’s my advice to you…

Porsche Brosseau/flickr.comPorsche Brosseau/flickr.com

1. Smile to strangers.

First of all, it makes you appear more confident. And as if this wasn’t reason enough, it also makes you appear more approachable (this is especially true at parties). There was a study that showed that people will perceive you to be smarter if your normal facial expression is a smile, as opposed to a grin. When you smile to strangers, not only are you being friendly, but you’ll be respected for it too.

2. Learn the names of the people you see every day.

And I don’t mean the people that are your superiors. Learn the name of the cashier of your local corner shop, the security guard outside your office, the janitors in your school, etc. These people are often thrown into the background and we underestimate the value of the work they do. By asking for their…

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